Bell and Howell Invelope Product Video

This is a video I created to promote Bell and Howell’s new style of wrapped envelope mailpiece, the Invelope. I was responsible for selecting the best footage to fit the storyboard from a lengthy video shoot, editing and cleaning up the footage, and combining it with text animations I had created for the piece. I was also responsible for selecting and editing the best voiceover audio clips and stock music to fit the storyboard and length of the video.

All intro, exit, and text sequences were created from scratch by me in Adobe After Effects.

  • Project Type: Video and animation editing
  • Media: YouTube video
  • Roles: Video editing; Animation editing; Sound editing
  • Software: Adobe Premiere; Adobe After Effects
  • Client: Bell and Howell
  • Date: 2011

Further description of Invelope features can be viewed here and here. I received a patent (US 8,544,720 B2) in 2013 for work I and a former co-worker did designing a new specialized type of all-in-one Invelope mailer.