Giftably Posh Business Card

Giftably Posh Business Card & Postcard

Heather Friedman is an independent consultant and reseller of Perfectly Posh brand bath and beauty products. In addition to selling these products, she creates and sells custom gift baskets in a variety of sizes for all occasions, filled with Perfectly Posh products. She wanted to establish a brand identity for this business, and she wanted new business cards and a larger postcard that she could hand out. Based on her input, I came up with the name "Giftably Posh" and established a look and feel for the business that combined the bright pink of the Perfectly Posh brand with warm golds, browns, and tans, giving Heather’s brand a fun, yet sophisticated appearance.

Both the business card and the 9″ x 6″ postcard use modified stock art, and the postcard includes a few sample photographs of the gift baskets that Heather creates, which I cleaned up and removed the backgrounds from.

  • Project Type: Branding, Business Card, Postcard
  • Roles: Brand development; Graphic design; Document design; Document layout
  • Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Client: Giftably Posh
  • Date: 2016