Invelope Features

Invelope Features Guide

This is a 3-page handout I created for Bell and Howell’s sales associates to easily demonstrate the features and benefits of “inveloping,” a method of producing a mailpiece that is either a single sheet of paper that is printed, folded and glued in such a way that it is an all-in-one mailer, or one where the traditional inserts are wrapped by a sheet of paper that becomes the “wrapped envelope” instead of being inserted into a traditional pre-made envelope. These types of mailpieces were branded under the name “Invelope” by Bell and Howell.

I designed the document and produced all the graphics shown. The ArcoTel mailpiece mockup (shown on the blue page) and the Green Street Market pocket mailer mockup (shown on the orange page), including their respective advertisement insert mockups, were designed by me. The ABC Bank mailpiece mockup (shown on the green page, viewable on the downloadable PDF) was designed by a third party. All graphic manipulations of those mockup pieces in this document were created by me.

Additional Invelope examples can be viewed here. I received a patent (US 8,544,720 B2) in 2013 for work I and a former co-worker did designing a new specialized type of all-in-one Invelope mailer.

  • Project Type: Information sheet
  • Media: Print and web PDFs
  • Roles: Document design; Document layout; Graphic design
  • Software: Copyediting; InDesign; Photoshop; Illustrator
  • Client: Bell and Howell
  • Date: 2014

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