Invelope Mailpiece Mockups

In 2011, I worked closely with a co-worker at Bell and Howell to design and patent a new type of mailpiece: a single sheet of paper that is printed, folded, perforated and glued in such a way that it creates an all-in-one mailer. The top flap of the mailpiece would be sealed at the bottom with fugitive glue, and the mailpiece would be opened by tearing off the two perforated edges on either side. If the mailpiece required a remit slip, it would be printed on the bottom left of the opened mailpiece, with perforation on the top and right edges to remove it. A business reply envelope or other inserts could be folded into the piece before sealing. My co-worker and I received a patent (US 8,544,720 B2) in 2013 for this original design, which was named the Invelope.

This work was done to promote Bell and Howell’s Inveloper system, which can print, fold, perforate, and cut documents inline to create variable data mailpieces from a single plain-paper roll. I was asked to create mockups of such designs for many companies interested in the technology, to show what their existing mailpieces might look like in the new format.

In addition to our patented Invelope design, I also created mockups of other styles of wrapped mailpieces, including ones that mimicked traditional style envelopes that could be printed inline with variable data and wrapped around statements and other inserts — also printed inline — and glossy pocket mailers with an inside pocket that can hold custom inserts, a style that is popular with direct mailers. Most mockups were both digitally and physically produced, and I was responsible for the design of the pieces as well as the printing, cutting, folding, perforating, inserting, and gluing of the final physical samples.

Additional information about the Invelope can be viewed here and here.

  • Project Type: Mailpiece design & mockups
  • Media: Print PDFs; JPG
  • Roles: Document design; Graphic design; Document layout; Physical mailpiece construction
  • Software: InDesign; Photoshop; Illustrator
  • Client: Bell and Howell
  • Date: 2011-2015

Download Samples

* This PDF shows a variety of samples in several different styles, from various incarnations of the design. Gray bars and dots on the PDFs indicate where glue would be placed. A template design mockup is included, which shows the standard design in its latest incarnation. Note that in 2014, the orientation of some panels was changed, and samples from prior to that will not necessarily match the orientation of the current template.