JETVision Booklet

This is one of a series of booklets created for Bell and Howell to highlight a range of products. I designed the template, based on a concept created by a junior designer, and was responsible for all layout, content placement, and graphics. All JETVision interface images used in this booklet were simulated in Photoshop. Frames were based on existing system screenshots and modified as needed; viewport images were custom built as layered files behind the frame.

Though the booklet was never finalized or released, due to missing content from the product managers, there are a number of graphics worth highlighting in this piece.

  • Project Type: Booklet
  • Media: Print and web PDFs
  • Roles: Copyediting; Document design; Document layout; Graphic design
  • Software: InDesign; Photoshop; Illustrator
  • Client: Bell and Howell
  • Date: 2013

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