Why Work with elm DesignWorks?

Why should you work with me? Because I have the knowledge, experience, skill, and desire to help your business succeed. I’m not just a graphic designer — I’m a visual communicator who can take your message and create a compelling design that garners notice, evokes emotion, and ultimately, helps sell your brand. Want to know more about me, my experience, and my process? Keep reading!

Why you should feel confident hiring me

Why You Should Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

With the plethora of free or inexpensive tools and resources online, it might be tempting for a business owner to go the DIY route with their marketing and design needs. But it can cost more than you might think, in both time, energy, and ultimately, money. Here are five key reasons you should consider hiring a professional for your graphic design, web design, and marketing projects:

  1. A professional designer can save you time.

    You’re busy running your business. Do you have time to research, select, learn, and manage all the different tools it takes to market and design for your business, as well? And tools aside, do you really want to spend your valuable time coming up with quality designs for your logo, marketing materials, and websites? A professional designer can take those tasks off your plate, finish them in a fraction of the time it would take a less experienced person, and leave you time to focus on running your business and making money.

  2. A professional designer can save you lots of headaches.

    They know the tools, they know when and how each tool is best used, they know the rules that govern good design, like font pairing, kerning, leading and tracking, color usage, and how to utilize negative space, and they know all the nitty-gritty details, such as the difference between CMYK and RGB, what resolution to use for different applications, when and how to use printer marks, etc. Save yourself a ton headaches and let a professional designer handle both the creative and technical aspects of your marketing projects.

  3. A professional designer can help improve your company’s visual identity.

    Good design — of your logo, your website, your marketing materials — gives the impression that your company is reliable and trustworthy, while a poor design can make you look unprofessional, amateurish, or even shady. Don’t risk losing potential customers and sales to a DIY design that sends them looking elsewhere. A professional designer can provide your company with a unique new or improved visual identity that will breathe new life into your business and help you stand out from your competitors in a positive way.

  4. A professional designer will keep it consistent.

    Your brand on the whole is stronger if your look and feel is consistent throughout all your public-facing communications and assets. A professional designer will ensure that fonts, colors, logos, graphical elements, and the general visual tone of your brand are all used in a consistent manner, so that all your marketing materials work together in harmony to promote your company’s unique visual identity and branding.

  5. A professional designer may give you new ideas.

    They spend all day every day in the world of design and marketing, so they may be able to suggest new ideas you hadn’t thought of before, such as a new way to present your message, a new platform to connect with potential customers, or a new method of advertising your products and services.


Why You Should Hire Me

We’ve just established some compelling reasons why you should consider working with a graphic designer, but why should you hire me? Because I’m experienced and have both the skills and the drive to help your business succeed.

Elizabeth Manning of elm DesignWorks
  1. I’m experienced.

    I’ve been designing marketing materials and websites for businesses large and small for over 15 years. I have worked both freelance and in-house corporate marketing production, so I understand both sides of the aisle. I know how to work with printers, web providers, and other vendors, so you don’t have to.

  2. I have the right tools.

    I have and use the entire suite of Adobe design tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, among many others, and I know HTML and CSS. I know where to look for the right stock artwork and a multitude of tools and services that can improve your communications and help your business thrive, all within your budget, be it large or small.

  3. I’m good at what I do.

    I have a natural eye for design, and I’ve honed my skills over many years of designing marketing materials, websites, and other projects for various businesses and individuals. I take pride in preparing and delivering high-quality communication pieces to my clients.

  4. I love what I do.

    I have a passion for design, and good design sends a shiver down my back. I love experimenting with color, typography, and layout, and I love helping my clients solve problems and find solutions that make their lives easier and improve the way they market their business.

  5. I’m loyal and reliable.

    I’m happy when my clients are happy, so I work hard to make sure their requests are heard and understood, and their work is done well and delivered on time. I’m happy to provide a one-off service for a business, but my real joy comes in establishing long-term relationships with my clients, where I can help them hone and perfect their message, their brand identity, and their communication pieces over the long term.

To summarize, a professional designer can:

  • Save you time, headaches, and money
  • Develop compelling visuals around your message to better tell your story and engage your customers
  • Establish a trustworthy brand identity for your company
  • Grow your company’s brand recognition and reputation
  • Increase and improve your customer communications
  • Implement a consistent look and feel to your communication pieces
  • Present new ideas to help grow and improve your business

And I’m the right designer for the job, because:

  • I’m experienced
  • I have the right tools
  • I’m good at what I do
  • I love what I do
  • I’m loyal and reliable

My Process

It’s very important to me that my clients are satisfied, both with the final deliverable and with the process of working with me to reach that end result. I strive to make the process as transparent as possible, keep lines of communication open throughout all the steps, and set clear expectations for when and how everything will proceed. The general process for any project I work on will flow through six basic phases:

Phase 1: Listen

1. Listen

After I receive your request for a quote, I’ll set up an intake meeting with you to learn about your project, your business, and your objectives. During this meeting, my main goal will be to get a clear picture of what obstacles you may be facing and what requirements you have for any solutions we may put in place.

Phase 2: Research

2. Research

After we finish our meeting, I’ll begin reviewing your company’s branding and positioning, research the industry you’re in and what your competitors are doing, and begin brainstorming solutions for your project. From this, I will prepare a proposal that outlines my suggestions for the project, and what the deliverables and estimated timeline and cost will be.

Phase 3: Create

3. Create

Once the proposal has been agreed upon by both of us and you’ve provided me with everything I’ll need to get started, I’ll begin the design process. This is where I really let my creative juices flow and explore all the possible forms your solution could take. I’ll sketch out ideas until I settle on the one I think best fits your needs, and then I’ll refine it until it’s ready to present.

Phase 4: Present

4. Present

Once I’ve completed the initial draft of the design, I will present it to you for review. Depending on the project type and your preferences, this could be as simple as me sending you an email with the draft documents or images attached, or it could be a more formal presentation during a scheduled meeting.

Phase 5: Revise

5. Revise

Even the best designs don’t usually hit the nail precisely on the head in the first draft. Therefore, I generally plan for a phase of revisions, which could include things like swapping out one photograph for another, tweaking the copy, or adjusting small components of the design. When I’m done, the files go back to you for review.

Phase 6: Deliver

6. Deliver

Once you’ve approved the final design, I’ll package up the deliverables and send them to you. For files like PDFs, this will likely mean delivery via email. For projects such as websites, it may mean setting up the site on your domain. Other delivery options, such as sending the files to a printer or other third party, can be discussed during the intake meeting.

Throughout this process, I will be available via email, or if you need a larger block of time to discuss something, we can schedule a phone call or web meeting. If you are located in NE Alabama, you also have the option of scheduling an in-person meeting with me.

Still not convinced? Click below to learn more about me. Or, if you’re ready, go ahead and request a quote for your next project!